Pet Pampering Plus- Flower Mound and Lewisville Dog Walking
I'm Ready To go out!
Please Play With Me!
As a busy dog owner, you may find yourself feeling guilty that you can't
always be there for your best friend. You might find your mind wandering at
work because you are worried that your dog is bored and lonely at home.
Maybe you are worried that your pet will get into trouble while you are away.
I am here to help put you at ease and give your dog the attention and
exercise he needs while you are away.
Consider a Professional Dog Walker if:

  • You work long hours and find your dog
    really anxious to potty as soon as you
    enter the door

  • You have a new puppy that needs a break
    or two in the middle of the day

  • You find yourself turning down outings
    after work because you have to rush home
    to let the dog out

  • You have a really active breed that needs
    some extra exercise

  • Your family gets busy and you find it
    harder to fit in at least a couple hours of
    play time each day

  • You just really want to be sure your pet
    gets all the love and care he can
Customized Mid-day Services We Offer:

  • Potty breaks
   If you have a puppy or older dog that can't
   walk far, we will give them a leisurely stroll  
   and give them the time they need to
   relieve themselves

  • 30 minute walks
   For the average dog, a good, half hour
   walk is an awesome break in the day

  • 60 minute walks
    For extra active breeds or those that may
    need to lose some weight, we offer a nice,
    long power walk with a jog mixed in

  • Back yard play
   For dogs who can't walk on a leash or   
   large dog households, we can play fetch
   and chase in the backyard.
Pet Pampering Plus
S. Lewisville dog walking & Flower Mound Pet Sitting

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