Rabbit Sitting
Rabbit Sitting Services

As a rabbit owner for almost 8 years, I have learned that
rabbits are very intelligent and social animals. I am
dedicated to spreading the word on rabbit care and

While in my care you can feel at ease knowing:

  • Your rabbit will receive a minimum of one visit a day

  • I have learned to recognize rabbit body language

  • I will insure that your rabbit always has fresh water
    and unlimited hay

  • I have learned to detect early warning signs of
    illness. Rabbits are prey animals and great at
    hiding when they are sick. I monitor the slightest
    changes in their habits to catch problems as early
    as possible

  • I am experienced in administering medications to
    rabbits when necessary

Here is my own rabbit performing a few tricks:

If you are interested in rabbit care, Pet Pampering
Plus suggests these sites:

This site is a comprehensive guide to rabbit care and

This site provides a great lists of food that rabbits should
eat and indicates whether they should be supplied often
or limited

Don't let the name fool you! This site is a wonderful
community of rabbit owners with a wealth of information

If you would like to adopt a rabbit near Lewisville consider
visiting the
North Texas Rabbit Sancutary (NTRS)

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For Northern locations, we recommend The Pet Depot